How to Find Me


My Social Media

 I use Facebook nearly every day.

though I am always near my friend limit you can always follow me and send me a PM if you need to contact me. 

Be sure to visit my Wolf Daddy's Kitchenworx page as well...

There I mostly post about health, food and feeding your dog...and because I am a HUGE fan of CBD Oil I also post about that too! 

Instagram is great!

I actually have two Instagram accounts.

I love Instagram because of the incredible creative people that are on it.

My primary Instagram is mostly about wolves and nature... 


And my  other one is about food and health to go along with my Facebook page Wolf Daddy's Kitchenworx and my YouTube Channel Wolf Daddy's Kitchen... 

I Love YouTube Too!

YouTube is my favorite place to go when not working with the animals or working on my little ranch.

I have uploaded over 300 original videos, from daring rescues to day to day loving and hugging on my rescues... 

My other YouTube channel that I have just started is called Wolf Daddy's Kitchen. There I cook up some great meals for you and your dogs and do my best to teach about health and nutrition that anyone can understand... 

Beware of Imposters!

There are several people that have websites and social media sites using my registered trademarked brand name... Wolf Daddy.

Some are actually using my full name as well and my name with weird spelling.

So, be certain you are following the one and only Wolf Daddy, Leyton Jay Cougar.

Speaking about CBD...

CBD Oil has helped me and hundreds of thousands of people world wide!

CBD is an adaptogen that finds and fixes what your body needs. Though I cannot make is said to assist with depression, anxieties, epilepsy, seizures amongst many other things, and it for certain helps my dogs calm down in a thunderstorm! 

So, check out this business opportunity and see if it is right for you! 

If you would like to just try some CBD Oil or other Hemp Products just check out my website... 

My Mailing Address

I live rather remote. Some people think it is in the middle of nowhere.

It's's on the edge of nowhere!

If you stand on a hill you can almost see the middle...ha...ha!

My mailing address is:

HC 61 Box 2022

Ramah, New Mexico


Checks and money orders are always  needed and welcomed! can't make a living rescuing animals. It's a labor of love.

I will accept all the support I can get.

If you feel so inclined to help support my personal mission to help the helpless and find them their forever home, you can donate directly to my PayPal account using my email

another great way to assist my work is to give through Patreon.

If you are unfamiliar with Patreon it is a safe and secure site so don't the way there are some amazing creators that you might enjoy there too.

My Patreon account is...