W.O.L.F. - Work  Out  Live  Fit

Looking in the mirror at 55 years of age and reflecting on my past and considering my future got me thinking about WOLF fitness.

For the past two decades plus, I have been “wrangling” wolves, digging fence post holes, putting up fences, digging ditches building structures, cutting trees, chopping wood and carrying water.

I have always been a bit of a health nut, and have stayed in relatively good shape all these years.

Hard work makes for hard bodies, but over time with unknown health issues that can rear their head at any moment, and just generally getting old, our bodies tend to become a bit soft.

When I saw my 6’ 3” frame dwindling and my middle growing as I spent more time in front of a computer rather than using a hammer and shovel, it did not take much for me to persuade myself to get fit…as fit as a wolf.

If I am going to continue working with them I need to be able to keep up with them.

When it is time to capture a wolf for any reason, I need to be in top form. I want to share with you my W.O.L.F. system. It is a way of life; a PRIMAL way of life, that can fit anyone’s schedule and fitness level.

My goal is to share with you simple natural ways to develop and maintain your body through movement, strength training, and nutrition, as well as strengthening your mental and spiritual self, to help you achieve more every day!



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Wolf Daddy

I am Leyton Jay Cougar...I am the Wolf Daddy. 

I earned that title from the nearly four hundred wolves that I have helped rescue over the past two decades. I have personally raised almost twenty wolves from their birth as pups, through their entire adult lives.

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