Training Tips

Training Tips

Confident Leadership = Lifetime Companions

Here is where I offer you tips and suggestions on how to develop a great relationship with your canine and become the confident leader that your dog needs and expects you to be.

Too many people today want to re-manufacture Mother Nature, they want her to change to fit their personal needs and wants. If we all could do that, the world would be in constant chaos as each person changed their environment to fit their needs for the moment. Fortunately, nature doesn’t change the rules on our whims. So, when dealing with canines, don’t try to change nature, work with it.

Training TipsUnderstanding the nature of your canine is the key to a long and productive life with your pet. That doesn’t mean problem free, it just means understanding how your canine is wired to act and respond can mean a world of difference in the quality of your relationship with your companion. Getting inside the brain of your canine will answer nearly all the questions you have about why your best friend is behaving in a particular way.

This also means that when you begin to understand the nature of dogs, and work within that understanding, you will discover a new “leash” on life, a new relationship with your dog that is healthier for both you and your companion.

See the wild dog in your dogs, and then let your dogs simply be, dogs. That does not mean let them do whatever they want, whenever they want. What dogs really want anyway is confident leadership, good fun, loads of exercise, good food, and lots of love.

Working with wolves all these years and knowing that I don’t have the power to change the nature of the beast has taught me how to work with the nature of the wolf, not against it. I have learned what to expect from a wolf in different environments, situations, and with different humans or animals. Wolves by nature are neophobic and xenophobic. Knowing that wolves are so fearful, I can better understand what their general behavior will be in different situations.  Understanding the nature of horses makes for a better relationship between the rider and his horse. Likewise, knowing the nature of cows aids the rancher in keeping track of the herd.  It is the same with wolves.  

When we understand the nature of a wolf and work within the boundaries of that knowledge, we will be able to teach our beloved companion more, and at a faster pace than originally expected, and with greater ease.

Understanding the nature of your canine, to me, is no different than understanding the nature of mathematics. Once you understand the nature of math, then seven times twenty seven becomes as quick and easy as one plus one. 

Training Tips

Please, don’t make your dog your doll, your toy, or your slave.  Although they will likely comply, this is the way to develop an unstable animal with bad behavior. Admittedly, I have seen dolly dogs that seem well adjusted on the outside but on the inside a dog wants out. This is when dolly dog begins acting out on strangers that come in the house or are possessive of the recliner. The pent up dog energy is dying to get out of the baby clothes and run around and bark at stuff.


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