Spirit of the Wolf

Spirit of the Wolf

My intention for this page and those that follow, is to talk about the wolf and nature…so to speak.

Spirit of the WolfThis is the venue for talking and teaching about how we humans and wolves, as well as all living things, are interconnected spiritual beings. Once you can tap into the spirit of nature, and understand the nature of your own spirit, your life can become more free and wild-like.

The wolf is a symbol of the wild. That symbol represents freedom, strength, balance, harmony and oneness.

These are just a few of the attributes that the symbolic wolf represents.

There are lessons we can learn from the wolf, the wild, and nature. I want to make this my forum to share with others the things I have learned from wolves and mother nature.

Humans need to stop demonizing nature and stop talking about her as if she is working against us. She is our teacher; she teaches humans how to build, where to build, and when to build. How to grow food and where to grow food…the list goes on and on.  However, recently humans have stopped learning from her and have begun attempting to defy her and challenge her rules.

We can learn much from Mother Nature… from nature’s engineer, the beaver, to nature’s candy makers, the honey bee. It has been said, that the wolf is the primary teacher of man, and that is part of its role in nature.  

Spirit of the Wolf

For over two decades now I have lived in the company of over 400 wolves and wolf dogs.
I have hundreds of stories and first hand experiences that have taught me volumes about wolves and nature, the nature of spirit, and the spirit of nature.

It is time for me to share…

Allow me RE-introduce myself…

Spirit of the WolfHi I am Leyton Jay Cougar, like so many other people I have known, I was born into a Christian family and raised in a semi Pentecostal/sort of Baptist kind of way…

From the moment I have memory I have always felt a strong connection to the God Force, Spirit, whatever you choose to call it. At church they called it Jesus or God or Jehovah and a few other names.

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest on a farm in the woods, I felt that God Force as Nature.

As a young man I felt the desire to help others along their spiritual path. Being a Christian, I thought the way to do that was to become a preacher.

So, I went to Bible College.

There I discovered that the church people and I just did not relate to the creator in the same way.

While I was in Bible College I frequented a tiny nearby zoo, and in that zoo, was a pack of wolves that I would foolhardily pet through the fence. At that time I had no idea how my life would become immersed with the spirit of the wolf…and the spirit of nature!

For the past 36 years I have spent much of my time in ceremony and ritual with Native American teachers and Elders.

Spirit of the WolfThe last twenty of those years I have also been working directly with wolves at the Wolf Sanctuary that I run in the High Desert of New Mexico.

Spirit of the Wolf

The wolves have taught me so much, and I continue to discover more and more about the spirit of nature and the nature of the human spirit, and how we all are so connected to each other and everything around us, from the earth beneath our feet, to the ends of the universe.

I love to share with others how to re-connect and re-introduce themselves to nature and spirit.

My gift is helping people use the elements of nature that surround us every moment of every day and discover their path in life and help them recognize just where and how we fit in to the grand scheme of things.

I can assist you in accessing the spirit of the elements to aid them in raising your inner awareness, which then will manifest into fulfilling your dreams!



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Wolf Daddy

I am Leyton Jay Cougar...I am the Wolf Daddy. 

I earned that title from the nearly four hundred wolves that I have helped rescue over the past two decades. I have personally raised almost twenty wolves from their birth as pups, through their entire adult lives.

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