My Vlog

I do my best to make a video each day for at least my Facebook page. So I thought I might as well start this Vlog for people that don't use social media like  Facebook. if you are like me at all you would rather watch a quick video then spend too much time reading.

With that said enjoy my Vlog!

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Naia Meets Flurry

Nine week old Timber wolf Arctic Wolf mix Naia meets Flurry Arctic Wolf.

Naia come from a breeder in New England. 

Naia has indeed captured the hearts of all the staff at Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary.

Expect many more videos like  this!

New Guinea Singing Dog Bono Update

New guinea Singing Dog Bono is back in his habitat and not feeling so well. 

Reba and Princess Visit with Bono

New Guinea Singing Dogs Reba and Princess spread a little love for the recuperating Bono.

Princess spends extra time checking out her man.

New Guinea Singing Dog had his leg amputated

Singing Dog Bono has just had his leg amputated just the day before due to a total loss of his elbow.

A visit with lobo

Lobo is one of our most recent rescues.

His is currently un social, but I do believe he will come around and let me touch him.