Leyton J Cougar: Wolf Daddy Pack Life

Wolf Daddy's pack Life

Join me and my Human Pack as we care for all the animals at Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary.

Get a look behind the scenes of the TV show and the sanctuary.

I will show how the sanctuary works, and let you in on the story of each of the animals time with us and the journeys and trials we all have in common…

This is New Mexico – the wild, untamed high desert – in a wild and rugged landscape there lives a Wolf Whisperer. 

Episode 6

Leyton J. Cougar runs the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary – a refuge inhabited by wolves, wolf dogs, dingoes, and other wild canines he has saved, often with his own bare hands. The 70 wild dogs that call the sanctuary home know Leyton as their Alpha – their caretaker, nurturer, provider, and ultimately, as their protector. He is their Wolf Daddy.

In a remote region of western New Mexico, bordering the Badlands, and surrounded by Navajo land, Leyton and his “human pack” struggle to maintain the sanctuary that is now the home to these wild canines. Being more than an hour away from even the closest small town, living and working amongst each other 24/7, maintaining order, safety, and an environment ensuring the health and wellbeing of these animals, is no small task. The very nature of these conditions, and providing care to 70 wild animals (with more rescues potentially on the way every day), makes the daily on goings at Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary anything but routine.

This reality series portrays the adventures and struggles of staff and volunteers as they locate, capture and rescue these wolves and wolf-dogs.


Episode 2


Episode 3​


Episode 4


Episode 5​


Episode 6


Wolf Daddy's Pack Life


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Wolf Daddy

I am Leyton Jay Cougar...I am the Wolf Daddy. 

I earned that title from the nearly four hundred wolves that I have helped rescue over the past two decades. I have personally raised almost twenty wolves from their birth as pups, through their entire adult lives.

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