Flicker Proof

21 March

Animals teach us so much when we choose to learn from them. Running a wolf sanctuary is a lifetime of lessons. Once in a while a particular animal will set us up for big lessons and then sometimes that animal is honored by us naming a lesson after them.

So today we have a new way of describing how to build a wolf habitat… is it has to be Flicker proof!

In all likelihood you will be hearing more about little Miss Flicker as her story continues.

Here is a brief story about her beginnings by the woman who rescued (purchased) Flicker. Flicker  was born 2/26/15 at a place called High Desert Wolves in Ravensdale, CA… she was a worm riddled pup… My sister and I went to this place; their website said they were “going out of business due to illness”, to look for a companion animal for my 6 month old male Husky.  Nothing could have prepared us for the horror we encountered when we arrived…  
Kennels with animals that stretched out into the desert, little if any shelter, many, many injured animals (bites, worms, paralyzed, on and on).  Dry water bowls and empty food dishes everywhere…  The number of animals was overwhelming (130+), many newborns and pups up to 6 mos. and older…  All but a few animals were completely un-socialized with people, feral… The people running this place are felony abusers and hoarders of these animals, many already earmarked for new litters. They breed non-stop, and many of the animals have escaped to begin breeding their selves outside of the 10x10 enclosures, under old cars, etc.  Absolutely unbelievable!  Even though this was not at all what I was looking for, I could not leave without trying to rescue at least one deserving soul ~ Flicker at 5 ½ mos…  

Fast forward to now, she is a little over a year and due to where she came from still feral and untrusting… Now with any luck; and with her second rescue by Leyton and WSWS, in a loving space where she can actually live. Today I also saw that “Debbie Grandmotherwolf Valenta” who runs High Desert Wolves has just bred another litter of Flicker’s siblings and is selling them now. 

If you ever wish to find out more about this group, I have contact for the Fish and Game Warden in that area ~ who has had multiple run ins with them over the last 5 years… Let me know if you have any questions, or need anything else.

Much love, Mary, Nanuuk and Cleo

So, why the new term Flicker Proof?

  • When Flicker was taken to her new home, she proved to be quite the escape artist. After escaping one too many times and being captured by animal control she was placed on a 3/8 steel cable inside her pen.
  • In time Flicker managed to chew through the cable and climb out of her containment.
  • Flicker prefers no human contact due to being left feral where she was born and not ever being touched until the day she was sold at 5 ½ months old.
  • Knowing that Flicker was an escape artist before heading to California to try to capture her my staff and volunteers raised the fence where she was going to be placed up to 12 foot high.
  • Within 2 hours after releasing her she escaped by climbing the 12 foot fence to what she thought would be freedom.
  • Our sanctuary is surrounded by an 11 foot high perimeter fence but seeing that she could climb 12 foot we knew our perimeter may not hold her.
  • Fortunately I have an awesome team of people working at the sanctuary and our wolf whisperer Crystal was able to crawl up to Flicker and get hold of her collar.
  • Today she is in an 8 X 20 6 sided pen until we fix her new habitat to make it Flicker Proof.
  • We have also decided to raise our perimeter fence to make it Flicker proof as well!

Watch the in the moment video of me capturing her in California…