30 March

All animal caregivers must know that enrichment programs for animals in captivity are essential for the health and wellbeing of the animals in our care.

We have discovered that over time some of the most hands off and human anti-social warm up to the idea of going for a walk on a leash.

Wolves and wolf dogs learn by observation first and by repetition second. What this means with our unsocial rescues is that they see other wolves and wolf dogs going for enrichment walks and over time they decide that they want to do it too.

Compassion Fatigue

23 March

I recently came across an article featured in the Huffington Post about Compassion Fatigue.

Upon reading this article I became painfully aware that I have some of the same symptoms as the persons the story was written about.
Compassion fatigue is also known as “secondary-traumatic stress disorder” (STSD). The symptoms of STSD are similar to PTSD. As with PTSD, compassion fatigue can lead to depression and thoughts of suicide.
Compassion fatigue is described as an occupational hazard of working with animals. 

Flicker Proof

21 March

Animals teach us so much when we choose to learn from them. Running a wolf sanctuary is a lifetime of lessons. Once in a while a particular animal will set us up for big lessons and then sometimes that animal is honored by us naming a lesson after them.

So today we have a new way of describing how to build a wolf habitat… is it has to be Flicker proof!

In all likelihood you will be hearing more about little Miss Flicker as her story continues.

The Differences Between Wolves and Dogs

08 March

This is a subject that requires more than a short blog article due to all the subtle nuances in appearances that some dog breeds might possess that are wolf like. To the trained observer, the subtleties are clear, but to the casual observer seeing the differences might be quite difficult. I have found that most people truly have no idea what a wolf looks like and most everything that they know about wolves came from TV, movies and bad literature. How do artists do all wolves and some dogs a disservice? They paint wolf eyes blue. Wolves never have blue eyes, yet people think they do because


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